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Sew-skills Industrial

Sew-skills Industrial is the branding of a number of courses developed due to demand from the sewn products industry.  With over thirty years experience of working in companies across the sector, training requests and needs have been acknowledged and have  resulting in the training programmes  listed below.  However, we recognize that different businesses, products, manufacturing and production processes need different approaches.  Therefore all our courses can be tweaked to fit company needs.

We have a pool experts to ensure we can cover all areas, and we are happy to discuss and source particular expertise if needed.  We also explore potential funding that may support delivery of our courses and services.    Please note: Courses are not accredited and content is not restricted by education regulators.


INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINISTS TRAIN THE TRAINER (5/6 DAY PROGRAMME)How to train Industrial Sewing Machinists – from beginner to break even and beyond!

Companies who manufacture sewn products need sewing machinists to learn, reach breakeven point and performance in the shortest possible time. This programme has been developed by industry for industry to provide a trainer with the tools, techniques and skills needed to train industrial sewing machinists, address low performance issues and support recruitment, induction and retention processes.

Who is it for? Supervisors, line managers or trainers working within the sewing industry, who have responsibility across recruitment, retention, training and performance maintenance.

What are the course objectives? To provide the tools, skills, knowledge and techniques needed to deliver effective systematic training that will ultimately reduce production time whilst maintaining quality.

What is the course content? Eight sector specific modules (see overleaf) including a work based performance boosting project. Learners will also receive a step by step training workbook for new recruits. The content can be tailored to company needs.

For full detail see the the ‘Train the Trainer’ link below

THE INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINISTS TRAINING MANUAL & WORKBOOK – A training manual designed for trainee industrial sewing machinists

Manufacturers of sewn products, need sewing machinists to perform quickly and effectively in the shortest possible time.  This manual & workbook has been developed by industry for industry. Providing a structured programme that will take a beginner, to break even point, to high performer speedily, whilst achieving quality standards.  This programme has also proven to improve retention, motivation, enthusiasm and employability skills.  The learning can also be delivered in conjunction with the National Apprenticeship. Providing trainees with the skills and evidence required to achieve the standards within the Apprenticeship frameworks.

Who is it for? Trainee industrial sewing machinists working within the sewing industry, regardless of the product being made or machine used. The training will equip learners with the skills, knowledge, confidence and attitude required to be an effective industrial sewing machinist and productive member of staff in the shortest possible time.

For full detail see The ‘Industrial sewing machinist Manual & workbook’ link below


This course enables and assists supervisors and trainers to deliver the Industrial Sewing Machinist training using the Manual and workbook above. Manufacturers of sewn products, need sewing machinists to perform quickly and effectively in the shortest possible time – They also need trainers who can train machinists to the standard required.

This training provides guidance and support to enable effective delivery of the Industrial Machinist Training Manual and Workbook. This short programme will help trainers to maximize the capacity of the learning materials, enhance their capabilities and develop the skills needed to deliver a range of practical exercises and underpinning knowledge. This, in turn will instill quality, quantity and performance standards into new machinist who will quickly become motivated, productive and valued members of staff.

For full detail go to the the Trainer Support link below.


A peripatetic service for the training of new industrial sewing machinists, training existing machinists on new techniques/work processes or adjusting your workforce to new styles/ products.

Who is it for? New recruits, trainee sewing machinists, low performers, rusty machinists or re-training

Service objectives To provide the sewing industry with a practical, bespoke training service. The service will deliver initial coaching that prepares new employees for production and in the longer term helps them to meet quality and quantity standards in the shortest possible time. The service will also devise and deliver training for existing workers facing changes ie new products, new techniques, new processes etc

What does the service offer? The Textiles Skills Consultancy will work with your company to analyze and agree training needs. We can offer flexibility across a range of delivery options, such as an industry experienced, flexible trainer, short, sharp delivery of the initial basics, a formal, systematic training program for beginners – ‘The Industrial Sewing Machinists Manual and workbook’ (see separate flyer) , development of a company training manual/ program, one off training related to specific techniques or products, performance coaching or National Apprenticeship support.

For full detail go to the peripatetic service link below.


Training videos have been  developed to support  our training programmes as listed below.  These videos demonstrate the sewing industries Trainability Test  and provide a series of practical exercises designed to develop  skills and build speed whilst maintaining quality.

  • The Industrial Sewing Machinist Trainability test
  • The Continuous Loop Exercise
  • The Continuous Loop Exercise – Sew & Stop
  • The Continuous Loop Exercise – Overlock
  • The Continuous Loop Exercise – Double hem
  • Straight sew & turn
  • Curved Sew
  • Bundle & Sew
  • Industrial  Sewing examples (used to practice timings & target setting)

All videos are password protected and are available as part of our practical training courses.   Access can be purchased separately on request.