The Textiles Skills Consultancy have worked, and is still working with sector employers, UKFT  and training providers to create new Apprenticeships for the sewn product industry.  Details of these new programmes can be found within the Institute for Apprenticeships page, to-date they  include:

Level  2 Sewing Machinist

Level 3 Fashion & Textiles Pattern Cutter

Level 4 Fashion & Textiles Product Technologist

Level 5 Bespoke Cutting and Tailoring

Level 3 Fashion Studio Assistant


The Textiles Skills Consultancy also fed into the process of developing new apprenticeships for the Textiles Manufacturing industries and the footwear and leather industries:


Level 2 Textiles Manufacturing Operative

Level 4 Textiles Technical Specialist

Level 2 Footwear Operative

Level 2 Leather Craftsperson

Level 2 Textiles Care Services Operative

Level 3 Bespoke Saddler

Level 4 Technical Dyer and Colorist


For further information on these and future apprenticeships please contact us on [email protected]