6. Client: PAA/VQSET / Apparel Industry Project: Exam development – Apparel Product Development Level 2 and 3

PAA VQSET offer Level 2 and 3 Certificates and Diplomas in Apparel Product Development (APD). These  qualifications  provide  the  opportunity  to  certificate  a  learning  process  which  focuses  on  the  area  of  garment construction and provides  the  learner  with  the  skills  to  develop foundation  patterns  from  concept  to  finished product.


The qualifications have been mapped against the Apparel Manufacturing Technology National Occupational Standards to provide progression opportunities for learners to apply their learning in an industrial environment.


The qualifications are delivered globally and can be achieved using a Computer Based Training (CBT) programme which provides the knowledge requirements prescribed in the Qualification Specification.


The process of assessment is via examination at a PAA\VQ-SET approved examination centre. For the past three years I have developed the examination content. This involves devising a combination of multiple choice questions and assignments which directly relate to the criteria specified within of the qualifications


The examinations are conducted in accordance with PAA\VQ-SET’s Examination Code of Conduct to maintain national standards and rigorous quality assurance.


For testimonials linked to this case study see the statement from Ann Randall  of PAA VQSET  on the Testimonials page

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