2. Client: OCR / Costume & Wardrobe Sector Project: Qualification & Credit Framework (QCF) Unit writing for the Creative Industries


The Awarding Body who offers qualifications within the creative and media apprenticeships requested input from an industry expert.  The Sector Skills Council recommended my services.

This project was undertaken to write the QCF units and indicative content for units related to costume and wardrobe, make up and prosthetics. This was supported by Creative Skillset Wales to ensure appropriate qualification content at BBC Wales.


The process

Liaising up with members of the OCR development team, and identified and reviewed the current National Occupational Standards (NOS) and benchmarked against the industries needs.


The proposed content of the QCF units was confirmed. The learning outcomes and assessment criteria were then developed following QCF guidelines. The units were then credit and levelled and the indicative content and qualification support documentations were devised.


As a result of the following Level 2 and 3 units were accredited as part OCR Level 3 Diploma in Creative and Digital Media Competence (QCF)

  •  M/503/8696 Work with designers to fulfil costume requirements for production
  • T/503/8702 Research and recreate period costume designs
  • R/503/8724 Assist performers with costume and dressing
  • T/503/8716 Organise and maintain costumes returned
  • Y/503 8711 Prepare to change the performers appearance
  • J/503/8722 Assist with the continuity for the performers appearance
  • J/503/8719 Maintain continuity of the performers hari and /or make up


To see the units follow the link below:



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